Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jack Layton Health Alert, March 27!

I have been informed by someone I consider reliable in such matters that the contents of this post were in poor taste and not particularly funny. Therefore I have pulled it.


Dan F said...

I'm as partisan a Lib as you can get, and no fan of Jack, but we don't need to go there to win this one. Tories will be running a negative campaign, and self destruct by week 3. We can win if we stay positive.

AAUndercover said...

I'm with Dan.

Libs will beat Harper by not looking as petty or mean as him.

This isn't helpful. And it's not funny.

Mike said...

This is in very poor taste. Beyond that, it's not really funny.

deBeauxOs said...

Unfortunately your tasteless and unfunny post is still visible at Progressive Bloggers.

This mean-spirited series about the NDP leader reflects badly on you, not Layton.

Maria said...

Where did you get this information? are you pretty sure that this is reliable?

Maria[flat front pants]