Thursday, March 10, 2011

Its So Hard To Find Real Constituents

Glen McGregor asks us to find the stock photos Pierre Poliviere used to represent constituents on his website. He notes too that a couple of the ethnic folks in the picture have been "whitened up". Anyway, this one is from shutter stock.

And give Poliviere credit; if he couldn't find a few actual diverse Canadians, he did at least employ a number of very different stock photo sites.


Just the facts, please said...

Poilievre is, unfortunately, my MP. He regularly sends out householders that look like used car flyers, with headlines like FREE GIFT INSIDE!! The free gifts will be things like fridge magnets of his dumb, smiling face. I don't remember whether they had Conservative logos, or any of the fake constituents on them. He also seems to spend a great deal of his time getting the many seniors in this riding birthday greetings from the Queen.

Don't know how much those stock photos on his website cost, but it would still be interesting to know if they're paid for with tax-payers' money.

Just the facts, please said...

More "ethnic outreach", and greetings from "our conservative government":