Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Will Tim Hudak Give Toronto Money?

Dalton says there isn't any, and Rob Ford is threatening to campaign against him if the province doesn't cough up. What's Tim Hudak's position on Rob Ford's demands?

Hudak would not say what he would do with such a funding request if he were premier.

“We’ve all got to remember there’s only one taxpayer,” he said.

*Sigh*. As with so many things, it appears he doesn't have a position.


Kev said...

Talk about an empty threat,does anyone think that Ford was going to campaign for the LIbs in the first place.

Zorpheous said...

It could become a very interesting four years depending on the outcomes of the Prov and Fed elections

bigcitylib said...

By interesting I suppose you mean it could really suck.

Zorpheous said...

I was just trying to stay positive,... ya it could positively suck, better ;)

Jason Cherniak said...

You should check out what Rocco's been saying on Facebook. He certainly seems to support Ford.