Monday, March 21, 2011

LPoC Election Stance Justified

A new poll by The Canadian Press Harris-Decima suggests the federal parties are at roughly the same position they were on election day 2008.

It puts support for the Conservatives at 34 per cent — down three point from 2008 — compared to 28 per cent for the Liberals, up two points from election day.

Tories are down from two points since the last HD poll as well, as Canadians ponder a Harper Majority, and recoil.

My opinion of the recent LPoC hard-line is that its meant to lay some discipline on the NDP. Jack Layton can either cave for peanuts, or hobble through the next campaign with a gimpy leg and a throbbing prostrate. Oh NDP readers! It's time for YOU to justify the surrendering of your ideals and wear that shit-eating grin. Enjoy. As a Liberal I can tell you: pain builds character.


CK said...

If Jack Layton plans to prop up the Harpercons, Tom Mulcair didn't get the memo. He's got signs up in Outremont and he's already opened up a campaign office.

Angusforsyth said...
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Ian said...

Honestly? Are you so shallow as to throw personal insults at a man's disability?

You remind me why I don't read delusional Liberal partisan blogs.

Terence said...

Ian, you must be a tory to be insulted by personal insults!!!

What a supid comment in today's environment!!

CanadianSense said...

Each party will act in the self-interest. NDP will be guilty of two time propping up the CPC vs how many times for the Liberals?

The NDP will actually take credit for things in the budget while the Liberals will not.

In October 2008 the CPC beat the LPOC by 5% in Ontario. Nanos has them at 12% up from 6% from last month.

If the LPOC move up a few points in the Alb or Prairies it won't help.

The Fantino-Ford factor is reflected in the Ignatieff-McGuinty numbers.

Gene Rayburn said...

funny how many things can change since August 2008

Tof KW said...

CS, we haven't heard from you in a while. Heard a rumour you fell into a fit of depression over Iggy dumping you at the high-school dance, and consequently you began drinking heavily again.

CanadianSense said...


Calling out the NDP for not supporting the Liberal's timing in returning to the Polls?

Calling voters stupid who won't support Liberals?

Refer to posters who don't drink the Liberal kool-aid with personal attacks?

Perhaps it is best to let the Liberals twist in the wind for another six months. Why not let Ignatieff continue with his I am a commoner routine on his packed university tours.

We could have a series by election this Fall and go in 2012. I'd prefer to go in May but your team blew it back in 2009 when you have Jack and Giles signed up.

Your strategists have to wear it now.

Cheer up I am sure 23% was a fluke 3x in four weeks.

Tof KW said...

CS, I never said any of these things to which you've just credited me.

I'm afraid your delusions only serve to reinforce that it must be true about your drinking problem. Denial only masks it. You should seek professional help.