Friday, March 04, 2011

CTF Turns On Kenny

CTF Alberta Director Scott Hennig is responding after it was learned a Tory fundraising letter from Kenney was sent on the Federal Immigration Minister's MP letterhead. A copy of the letter, intended for Conservative MP John Duncan went instead to NDP MP Linda Duncan. Hennig says the federal ethics commissioner should investigate.

A darn good idea.


double nickel said...

An ethics investigation and a twoonie will get you a small coffee at Tim's.

R. G. Harvie said...

Following up on dn's comment, as I blogged today here's my theory:

The Conservatives are doing it on purpose.

Johnny Canuck has his eyes on employment rates, on their own debt picture, and by extention, the government debt..

Meanwhile, the Liberals and NDP are making noise about an issue that doesn't impact him in the least.. the idea that the Conservatives may not be completely honest is irrevelant as he's convinced that all politicians are liars anyway.


From his perspective, as the economy slowly improves, and as Canada fairs pretty well, globally speaking, he sees the Conservatives as the only ones "doing the business of the people" and next thing you know, Conservatives are polling in majority territory.


Gene Rayburn said...

Mental note: alter documents at work and use work letterhead to raise personal funds = 6 months CEO

If only that worked for us real folks.

Shiner said...

Well we know what it takes to get Rob's pum primed. Bit of unethical behaviour and he's raring to go!