Monday, March 21, 2011

Tory Turmoil Lingers In Simcoe Grey: Guergis's Sister Quits EDA

News from Helena's Guergis old riding:

Meanwhile, in the background, the local Conservative riding association is going through a bit of upheaval; on Thursday, riding association president Andy Beaudoin officially resigned, and his resignation comes on the heels of the resignations of two other EDA board members (granted, one of those individuals is Christine Brayford, the sister of Independent Conservative MP, Helena Guergis).

I traded emails with Beaudoin on the weekend; he had some pretty harsh words for the party’s treatment of Guergis (story to be published on the E-B website today – fingers crossed!). Guergis is getting quite a bit of press, both locally and nationally, so it’s clear she’s making sure she gets the message out just before we head into an election… and doing a good job of painting the Conservatives (and Harper, especially) in a terrible light…

Interestingly, the same blog recently reported that the CPoC was attempting to buy Guergis off. Guess she didn't bite.

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