Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Harry Tsai, Conservative Candidate In Scarborough-Agincourt a comment spammer. Buckets has the details.


Holly Stick said...

I had an automated phone call from Michelle Rempel, who is running for the Conservatives in my riding. I did press one button to see if I could leave a message telling her never to call me again, but I just got more automated voice.

Skinny Dipper said...

Uncle Spam wants you!

Niles said...

HS, My riding too. Maybe we should do a kvetch session.

In any case, Rempel, who is by her own bio, a lonnnngtime money raiser and water carrier for the Conservatives ( she has this Very Important Award that she touts, that turns out to be from the party to its stalwarts) had next to nothing organized for her local campaign so she bought a package from the National campaign. They're running the show, importing workers et al.

You know, the National campaign that Harper has made very clear isn't going to answer questions about the local campaigns. Talk aboutcher grassroots efforts.

Anyway, I heard she scored Nenshi's first hq, opposite the 16th ave co-op? If you want to drop by and complain.

Maria said...

He need some slaps to his face for being spammer.

Maria[dress pants]