Saturday, September 19, 2009

Conrad Black Must Have Time Aplenty crank out stuff like this, which is notable not only for the inherent oddness of the ramblings contained therein:

Even Hitler and Stalin were not atheists. Hitler was a pagan who detested Christianity. Indeed, what he considered the Jews' botch of the disposition of Christ, the ignorance of the Sanhedrin and the mindless barbarity of the Jewish mobs, chanting 'Crucify him!' and 'Give us Barabbas', to which he imputed the rise of Christianity, is one of the few slightly plausible explanations of his otherwise inexplicable anti-Semitism."


I had no difficulty discarding the scientific claims of people like Bertrand Russell, that there was a finite amount of knowledge in the universe, and that every day we more closely approached a plenitude of knowledge.

It seemed to me that the greatest discoveries, remarkable as they were, did just the opposite. The revolution of the earth around the sun, like the process of evolution, diminished us, as less prominent in the universe and descended from a lower order of animals.

...but because it illustrates the fact that, no matter what the literary venue these days, Lord Black of Crossharbour can't seem to compose anything of less than 12,000 words. Clearly his PC has a porn filter, but could we not all chip in and maybe buy him a used copy of Castle Wolfenstein?

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