Thursday, September 03, 2009

Stephen Harper's Greatest Hits

Does he hate Canada?

My favorite bit is a nice little quote towards the end about Human Rights being totalitarian, which puts me in mind of Brian Lilley's post today in which he argues that the Lemire Vs. Warman decision from yesterday will become "election fodder". Gawd I hope so. During the Ontario PC leadership race, polls told us what an anti-human rights stance would likely bring.

Short answer: Doom baby, Doom!


Ti-Guy said...

I like the music. Suggests a warpath. Although the Conservatives will probably mock it as suggesting we find Harper scary. A monster. A ghoul. A sinister vampire gazing down at the village from his foreboding castle tower.

Which is true. Time for the torches and the pitchforks.

bigcitylib said...

You probably don't remember that picture of Harper with his eyes glowing red. That was real, man. He's one bad mo-fo.

davidp said...

The last "quote" that you like so much is taken out of context. Harper was talking about Human Rights Commissions which have not always made the best decisions and totalitarian is a good way to describe some of their decisions. I'm not even a Harper fan but he wasn't all wrong on this one. Of course the quote in this video is "Human Rights..." while it should be "Human Rights Commissions...". This is incredibly dishonest of whoever made the video... wouldn't you agree? I recommend researching any quote you see on a commercial regardless of your desire for it to reinforce your own steadfast desires.