Monday, September 28, 2009

Why The Fraser Institute Gets More Play Than Real Academics

1) Tax Freedom Day is a great gimmick
2) CanWest is on-board.
3) They create their stuff for the media, not academia:

Ultimately, the Fraser Institute deserves much of the credit for its own success in penetrating the Sun. The institute is a factory of numbers and words, issuing press releases and reports almost daily. They craft their documents to make them easy for editors to accommodate. They know how to create events.


Ti-Guy said...

They create their stuff for the media, not academia...

Too bad so many academics are so egomaniacal that they can't bear to take responsibility for anything published with their input unless it meets the most rigorous standards of completeness, which always means "overlong and dull."

Which of course means, it won't grab the attention of the lazy media or if it does, will be torqued to a degree to make the academic look incompetent.

It's the mainstream media that has to go, though. Die, die, die.

Antonia Zerbisias wrote something a while back on how the press handles the think tanks. What I came away from that was that the press feels obligated to publish everything the think tanks issue; some kind of necessary evil. I had problems understanding the reasoning.

Scanner said...

Mike Harris is a Fellow.