Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wildrose Alliance Membership Race Down To A Pair

Suddenly, this shit may actually matter.

The Wildrose Alliance Leadership is down to two contestants now that writer Jeff Willerton (who?) has pulled out and thrown his support behind chiropractor Mark Dyrholm (who?). Some speculation here as to whether the move was prearranged between the Willerton/Dyrholm camps, presumably to show that the momentum is behind Dyrholm.

Of course these things are decided by the party membership, and there are rumors floating around about how many the two remaining candidates, Dyrholm and front-runner Danielle Smith (who?), may actually have. There is also a rumor floating around that the Dyrholm campaign team has hidden at least 2000 new memberships from the party's leadership committee as "insurance".

The whippet-thin Dan Arnold has a good big-picture overview of what it all means.

And here's a series of posts I wrote earlier on the Dyrholm campaign's connections to the separatist WTBA, featuring a surprise appearance by Mark's Coalition/Outreach guy, Craig Chandler.