Wednesday, December 10, 2008

File Under: Politics Is Weird And Scuzzy

Did Liberals hijack the federal Green Party in Mississauga?

This is, I suppose, pretty "inside baseball" type stuff, and no names are given so everything remains a bit cryptic. The money passage:

In 2007 the Green Party of Canada in Mississauga Streetsville (MS GPC) was infiltrated by a group of people who not only were not Green but had one stated objective – to embarrass Wajid Khan. With sufficient numbers and the same old sleazy back room crap that the liberal party is always doing (check out their current leadership “issues”) they managed to get elected. Their agenda was to take over the electoral district association, and highjack the money the GPC Ottawa sent to the local EDA.

Apparently, the Lib infiltrators have been cleaned out and Mississauga's Green Party is back to being purely green. I guess that coalition didn't turn out too well either.

A good example of why I avoid riding-level politics.


Reality Bites said...

Their goal was to embarrass Wajid Khan?

You mean more than he embarrasses himself?

Interestingly, the Liberal and CPC results in the riding barely changed between 2006 and 2008 - Libs down by 0.1% and CPC up by 1.0%. Khan's coattails were virtually non-existent. But the Green vote went from 4.5% to 6.7%. Perhaps the Greens should look into getting more of their EDAs hijacked.

Ti-Guy said...

RB makes a good point, BCL. Maybe this is just malicious gossip.

bigcitylib said...

From a journalist? Oh my!!

Ti-Guy said...

Who's the journalist?

bigcitylib said...

whoops! You're right. I assumed "Mississauga Blogs" was associated with some local newspaper, but apparently not.

Agent of Change said...

I did the post - GPO of MS - you know the vote numbers were up - but none of the highjackers participated in any way in the campaign, in fact they were handing our flyers without the candidates name or approval with pictures of themselves ... the election caught them off guard ... as if they ever had any intentions of trying