Thursday, December 18, 2008

More From WTBA Vice President Dan Doherty

Hello All

Because of various comments appearing on blogs I thought it would be prudent to answer some questions about me and my relationship with the WBTA.

In 2004, I ran for the Separation Party of Alberta in Calgary Shaw against Cindy Ady, in 2008, I ran for the Wildrose Alliance in the constituency of Highwood. I am a conservative who believes that liberal and conservative principles should co-exist in a spirit of bi-partisanship, hence strengthening and unifying democratic principals.

I joined the WBTA because I believe that Eastern Canada has marginalized the West politically for too many years. I have seen little change in the two decades that I have lived in Western Canada. I have however, heard many politicians from Eastern Canada express their desire to dismantle Western Canada’s economy vis-à-vis taxes (Stephan Dion Green Shift platform) and other schemes such as Cap and Trade (supported by Gilles Duceppe). I believe one must approach this from a balanced perspective. Any drastic shift either way will undoubtedly cause drastic effects in our economy. In the interests of keeping this entry short, I will not go into detail on this subject except to say I have and will always support better care of our environment.

The prospect of Western secession has both Conservative and Liberal overtones. From a Liberal perspective, the potential social programs we Westerners have compromised to support Eastern programs are staggering. I lived in Montreal for roughly 20 years and I am well aware of the social programs of Quebec.

A few weeks ago, CJAD in Montreal did a radio poll and one third of those Quebecer’s polled believe Quebec supports Western Canada including Alberta. My goal, put quite simply, is to open a dialog of what is BEST for Western Canada. Addressing this question in a candid forum is in everybody’s best interest. One question you could ask yourself now is, “If Western Canada were already a separate nation, would we be negotiating to become a part of Canada?”

In closing, the WBTA is NOT a political party; it is an association to gather support for a political party yet to be selected. I look forward to all your comments. You may email me at

Warmest Regards
Dan Doherty
VP Western Businesses & Taxpayers Association


Ti-Guy said...

"visa vie"


Dan said...


Thanks for pointing it out, I have corrected it. Vis a vis. I had it correct originally, however spell check "fixed" it for me.

Take care

Dante said...

You called Ti-Guy?
I told you that "Your Worship" will do or just plain "Sire"

Ti-Guy said...

No prolemo, Dan.

Gosh, these Canada-destroying Western separatists are being awfully cordial.

...Dainty, what drugs are you on now?

Kurt Phillips said...

Hmmm, I received similar messages from Mr. Dan.

Really, should such a young organization have to engage in damage control so soon after its formation? That doesn't strike me as a particularly positive beginning.

Ti-Guy said...

You know, I'm all for separatists making their case if they drop the hate, the chauvinism and the racism. It's the same criticism I've lobbed at the souverainistes for decades, after all.

That won't make me support the treasonous miscreants, but at least, in doing so, they'll cause less social injury.

Reality Bites said...

Dropping the hate, chauvinism and racism from the Alberta separatist "movement" would be like dropping the nerds and geeks from the IT industry. What's left wouldn't be enough to keep it going.

Ti-Guy said...

*shhh* I'm hoping they don't know that.