Monday, December 29, 2008

A Note On Mr. Bruinooge's Behavior

I have been informed that Mr. Bruinooge's wife will be having a baby within the next day or so. That might go some ways to explain the timing of this.

Nevertheless, here's hoping everything goes smoothly and congratulations to the family.


Reality Bites said...

Any word on who the father is?

Kurt Phillips said...

If he and his wife are opposed to abortions, that's great. Then they shouldn't have an abortion. As for those who don't feel the same way, the Bruinooges might consider keeping their personal values to themselves.

That said I do sincerely congratulate the Bruinooges and hope that the child born to them is healthy and happy.

RuralSandi said...

They seem to think that everyone who is pro-choice is pro-abortion and that's not the case.

There are situations where a decision has to be made.

Reality Bites said...

Only way that kid's ending up happy and healthy is if they give it up for adoption.

I won't forget the horrible things Bruinooge said during the marriage debate. He's a vile, disgusting prick. And I can't wish him anything but the pain and suffering he wants to inflict on others. May he rot in hell.