Friday, December 26, 2008

More Georganne Burke Connections

Kinsella has been harvesting information on the Grinchess that almost stole Chanukah . One of the facts to emerge is that Ms. Burke sits on (or sat on) the BOD of the Canadian Coalition for Democracies. These guys were founded by Conservative MP Peter Kent back in 2003. In addition to engaging in some hard-core Muslim bashing, the CCD, whose mandate says nothing about Canada's abortion laws (or lack thereof), recently appeared on a list of organizations supporting the Canada Family Action Coalition complaint to the Judicial Council (.pdf here) re Henry Morgentaler's receiving the Order of Canada.

I contacted CCD President Al Gordon via email about how that happened, but all he did was regale me with with vague threats of what sounded like legal action. Given Mr. Kent's pro-choice views, it is difficult to imagine that he would have gotten behind this effort. The most likely hypothesis is that one of the other members of the CCD Board of Directors gave CFAC the nod.



Ti-Guy said...

Georganne sounds like quite a piece of work.

RuralSandi said...

Bigger question - knowing her past why did Goodyear and the CPC keep her on?

Take action now when she's been caught?

Harry said...

I'm pretty sure that whatever this Burke person did,and it looks pretty bizarre; it wasn't something ordered by the Harper administration.

Looks to me like somebody's trying to whip up this gaff for cheap political traction.


Dave Jones said...

Hey what do you all think about Warren Kinsella saying that all Chinese eat cat meat and that they serve it secretly in restaurants?

I know that free thinking Liberal folks like yourself must have some feelings about blatant bigotry and stereotyping like this.

Please do tell. He is, after all, the source you are citing in the article above.

Please advise.

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