Sunday, December 07, 2008

Not A Bad Idea?

In Winnipeg to pitch his support for the Liberal-NDP coalition as a viable alternative to the Harper government, Rae responded to a question from his audience about whether a new Liberal leader could be in place by next month.

“Well, I would support that if we could do one-person, one-vote,” said the MPfor Toronto Centre. “If the party said, ‘We need to find an alternative quickly — can we just simply let the members of the party vote on who the leader should be?’ I would accept that. And I would accept the results

Of course, this would leave open the possibility of Torys joining the party en masse to skew the vote in one direction or another. That is what happened when David Orchard ran for the PC leadership. Hundreds of unsympathetic types (like me) paid the $10 membership feet and voted for Orchard, sending the race to an expensive and embarrassing run-off (eventually won by Joe Clark).

But there must be away to short-circuit that possibility, if it is seen as undesirable.


Anonymous said...

Just have a stipulation that you must have been a member for more than 90 days to vote.

Isn't there already a rule that you can't be a member of another party if you want to join the Liberals? Or am I jwrong?

Yappa said...

When people have been proposing OMOV for this leadership selection, they've mostly suggested that only party members as of October 14, 2008 can vote.

Skinny Dipper said...

This is my guess:

If the Liberals have a new interim leader on January 26, the Conservatives will present a very liberal budget.

If Dion is still the leader on January 26, the Conservatives will present a very conservative budget.

Northern PoV said...

Bang on Bob Rae!!

skinny - your point is also good

time to ditch the rules, our party and country are at risk!

Chrystal Ocean said...

Am liking Bob Rae more and more. He's great with crowds and the media. Iggy? Can't stand the man. I'd not support a coalition if he were to be the PM. Far too arrogant, far too distant from the people.

Holly Stick said...

Heh, sounds like a fund-raising ploy to me. Let'em pay their ten dollars, then announce the 90 day limit.

sjw said...

Rae looks better and better everyday.
Is it just me or does Ignatieff look like he's loaded when he drops his chin and does that weird grin of his? Maybe a drink or two would liven the old sod up.

Reality Bites said...

Erik, I don't know if such a rule exists, although it certainly wouldn't surprise me if it does.

However, the party can hardly phone up the other parties and ask if you're a member, so it's purely on the honour system.

Anonymous said...

Times are really good when the LPC rank & file membership starts to believe Bob Rae is the savior, the messiah, the one to lead them back to power in Ottawa.

Progressives everywhere can rejoice.

Anonymous said...

When this is all over, does anyone believe there will be a Liberal Party - a real Party, or just a smoking ruin surrounded by craters with a very tattered flag still waving bravely in the political breeze.

Seriously ?

Dirk Buchholz said...

BCL said..."That is what happened when David Orchard ran for the PC leadership. Hundreds of unsympathetic types (like me) paid the $10 membership feet and voted for Orchard,..."

wtf people actually do that,that's just too weird.Somebody needs to get a life.
Don't get me wrong I have no sympathy for the Conservatives,but I do think they should be allowed to fall or raise on their own merits.(as should the Liberals,NDP.BLOC etc)

Unknown said...

Is this the same Bob Rae who gave his unwavering support for Dion just a few days ago? Such loyalty in the party!

And is Bob Rae going further West then Winnipeg to peddle his nonsense? For his sake, I would certainly hope not.

Rae will be as warmly received as a leper at a beauty pageant. This is going to be a gruesome spectacle to watch.

Ti-Guy said...

Paul, stop touching yourself.

bigcitylib said...


A few Conservatives have indeed talked about crashing the May Lib convention. Back in 1996, all it cost you was $10 to join the Tories and I had to walk a 1/4 mile to vote on their leadership race. So why not? I think this kind of thing is fairly common in U.S.