Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gauging The Year Ahead

Stock up on throwing knives! Invest your money in freeze-dried food and shotguns! From an economic stand-point, 2009 is going to stink!

Luckily, economic indicators exist in any work-place environment that can help you determine how your company will fare in the year ahead.

Firstly, what is the quantity and quality of the Xmas munchies your company put out this season? Where I am, it was nothing but unshelled peanuts, and people ate 'em and liked 'em. Thats a bad sign.

At your Xmas office party, how many people were slipping extra slices of meat into their pockets or purses? Did women-folk battle over the last ham-bone, for the "young 'uns" back home?

And if you see a guy wandering around asking about your HVAC system, you're fucked. The place is being sold out from under you. Something everyone should be thinking about, especially if you work for the feds.

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