Saturday, December 13, 2008

No Effect

From James Annan, climate scientist:

Do solar/heliospheric changes affect the earth's climate?

That was the title of the keynote talk at a workshop held here last week. To save you the trouble of reading any further, I should just say now that the answer provided was "no, at least not to any significant extent since the middle of last century".

I may play around later with Inhofe's updated (650 scientists!) list of deniers. But one of the new names on the list is Oliver "Iron Sun" Manuel, who I have previously written about here.

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birdbrainscan said...


I've been working on the Inhofe list in connection with my
list of climate scientists which I sort by frequency of citation of their published works.

I add a link to an author's academic homepage, photo, and I've annotated who was on IPCC AR4 WG1, and which people signed any of a dozen public declarations either for or against prompt action to cut GHGs, such as the Leipzig Declaration, Bali Climate Declaration, Manhattan Declaration, etc.

The Inhofe list is cumbersome to work with, but I've found it largely recycles lists of signatories of the larger 'skeptics' declarations like the Manhattan. Tracing a new unknown skeptic can be a headache; finding any real academic is a cinch, as their university homepage generally comes up tops in Google, or very close. By contrast, Joe Schmoe, climate denier, can be anybody and may or may not work at any university or have any published work. I use google scholar to trace published works (they even include Energy & Environment, so the *published* skeptics even turn up!) But for a common name, there are often several other scholars with the same initial(s) and last name, doing real published work on lots of other things. It takes time to establish if Dr (Mr?) Schmoe has ever done anything in print.

There is also good work going on to trace the skeptic at DeSmog Blog as you may know.