Monday, December 29, 2008

Ontario To Become Green Giant?

Tyler Hamilton's "look ahead" to green developments in 2009 contains a lot of interesting Ontario content (stuff I didn't know about, in other words). For example:

I've written about this before, but to recap, the Ontario government is apparently working on a piece of legislation aimed at dramatically boosting local investment in renewable-energy projects by giving green power priority on the grid. Ideally, the Ontario act would mirror a similar piece of legislation that Germany introduced in 2001 and that turned the European country into a wind and solar powerhouse.

And while I knew of an off-shore wind farm being proposed for Lake Ontario, most of the news seems to have been about the grousing and bouts of NIMBYism it has kicked up. Nevertheless, its a serious possibility that may be given the go-ahead by the end of '09. If so, then we have the makings of a whole new industry within the province. Maybe it can soak up some of those unemployed auto-workers.

Multibrid, the German maker of offshore turbines, says it wants to locate manufacturing in Ontario because of the province's skills base, manufacturing capacity and potential for offshore wind. But it won't come here if we're not prepared to build the projects. An earlier move by a Great Lakes state could lure Multibrid from Ontario, essentially stealing an anchor tenant that could lay the foundation for thousands of new jobs. Time's a wasting, Ontario.

In perhaps more disturbing news, next year

...we'll find out who the government has picked to build Ontario's first new nuclear plant in two decades, as well as what it's likely to cost. Estimates from U.S. utilities show that costs have doubled or tripled initial expectations, and some jurisdictions – such as South Africa – have cancelled plans to build new reactors because of high cost.

A facebook group Grand Erie Energy Quest (GEEQ) has popped up offering

...a petition to ensure citizens have a democratic say in the energy future of Nanticoke.

...should the province endorse the Bruce Power proposal for a new plant in Haldimand and Norfolk Counties. More information on that can be found here.

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