Sunday, December 21, 2008

LifeSiteNews Going Under?

Dear LifeSiteNews Readers,

On December 10 we reported our disappointment that only 170 readers had sent in a donation since our Christmas fundraising campaign began on December 5th. [Remembering that we have just topped a million page views a month...HW] The total then was $7005, enough to run LifeSiteNews for about 5 days.

Thankfully, 650 generous readers have now taken the step to partner with LifeSiteNews with a gift. The total for this campaign has reached $37,298. That's still far from where we need to be and represents gifts from only a small fraction of our readership, but it is a significant improvement over the Dec. 10 results.

88 readers contributed $5 and the rest contributed a wide range of different amounts. Every one of these has been greatly appreciated.

We are surprised however, at the continued reluctance of most of our regular readers, which number in the many tens of thousands. Is $5 too much to ask for a year's worth of original, principled reporting on the issues that matter most?

Please consider taking a few moments to respond to LSN's Christmas 2008 appeal with a donation of just $5. Of course, if you can give more than that, we welcome and need such generous gifts as well.

Since this desperate plea was published, the folks at Lifesite have added roughly another $12,000. However, that still leaves them about $100,000 short of where they need to be.

I've been thinking of throwing them a few bucks myself. After all, if these guys weren't around to ridicule, half the progressive blogosphere would disappear in their wake.

But then I saw that baby-blue hoody with Bob Marley on the front and I realized that I hadn't bought myself enough Xmas presents yet.


Reality Bites said...

When a liar makes a desparate plea for money, the only conclusion I draw is that they've moved from liar to con man.

They want donations? Fine, publish an audited statement of income and expenses.

buckets said...

My favorite bit in today's beg:

There are numerous expenses looming in the New Year. Some of these are the costs related to travelling to and covering important events in different countries. These trips are vitally important opportunities for personally interviewing key people, developing our network of contacts and producing our unique reports on the most important developments.

In January John-Henry Westen, Kathleen Gilbert and I will be travelling to Washington, D.C. to cover the March for Life and its many related events. At the March we will be able to personally meet and talk with most of the leading North American pro-life leaders. We may also attempt to attend the inauguration of President Obama, time and finances permitting.

At the same time, Matthew Hoffman will fly from Northern Mexico to cover a major conference on the family being held in Mexico City.

John-Henry will likely attend the Pontifical Council on the Family meetings in Rome early in 2009. He will of course also meet with our Rome correspondent, Hilary White. She has been doing an outstanding job keeping you informed on developments there and in other parts of Europe. Both John-Henry and I have been asked to attend a few other important events in Europe next year related to the issues we cover.

Send money so we can travel to exotic places!

sharonapple88 said...

Well it appears to have worked. Hopefully, they don't take anything from the minibar.

MgS said...

When these conservatwits are finished with the word "principled", we're going to have to remove it from the dictionary on the grounds that it needs to be washed to regain any semblance of its original meaning.