Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stockwell Day And The Underwear Of The Future

First off, ever notice those big billboards advertising a new line of men's briefs? Well, I don't think the guy who owns the business will mind me mentioning that he met with me to discuss his product. Let me tell you right away, he was not asking for taxpayer support for his item. We were discussing some marketing related issues. What impressed me was the fact that here we have a local guy, who had an innovative idea on how to upgrade a product that's been around since Adam needed 'cover'. The impressive part is that he got busy, put together an investment and now has employees working right here and in China.

Stockwell is almost certainly referring to "Saxx" brand underwear, designed by Kelowna businessman Trent Kitsch. Here's Trent describing the circumstances behind the birth of Saxx:

"Last summer, I was in Alaska, fishing with my dad, and my testicles were kind of stuck to my legs.... Most men can relate to that, so I started thinking of how I could redesign men‘s underwear to be more comfortable.”

And here's Trent discussing the product itself:

"They have a total interior, patented design,” he said, adding the material wicks moisture away from the wearer‘s skin and is antimicrobial.

“We also redesigned the pouch. A brief will push your package up into you. A boxer short will push it back between your legs.”

“We redesigned the whole apex point to allow your genitals to rest most naturally in front.

“It‘s a combination of all those things working together that has changed the game on underwear.”

And Stockwell's helping out with marketing issues?

How about: the official gaunch of the Canadian Government? Maybe he can even get the PM on board.

Stephen Harper: "I have felt so much more relaxed and conciliatory since I donned my new gaunch."

Get your own pair here (with picture and video gallery). They kind of resemble a more aerodynamic version of an Elizabethan cod-piece, so if you need a little help up front...


Ti-Guy said...

I can imagine the conversation Trent had with Stockwell:

"Stocky: Have you ever felt...y'know...unfresh?"

Let me know when Trent comes out with a line of foundation garments with wings. You know...for the heavy days.

900ft Jesus said...

tag line for ad endorsed by CONs: "...Because it's all about protecting your balls."

West End Bob said...

Who woulda thunk it?!?

Fashion and package comfort tips (pardon the expression) at your place?

Thanks, BCL . . . .