Thursday, December 04, 2008

Threats Against Coalition Supporters

You knew this was going to happen. Pro-Coaliton MP. Nathan Cullen has had one of his signs fire-bombed, and they're talking armed insurrection over at Free Dominion:

Start sho-ting the bastards Ed.


They don't obey our English Common Law Rights that go Back 1,000 years. Piss on them. Find out their names and everywhere they go, have the lads, pull a nylon stocking over their heads and put them in the hospital. Give them a time out to reflect.


Ed you sound like a good man, and if you lived in Alberta I would love to have you as a neighbour. But you are very PC. These bastards need a good beating. They need some time in the hospital. They need to know that when they cross the line they are going to be going on hospital food for awhile. Get a backbone. Couple of hundred bucks should get any of them a damn good beating. And let it be known. That is the old Canadian way.

They even mention me.


In the good ole days this is the way scum were kept in line. If this was in practice now, do you think scum like swillella or BCL would be defaming good people?

Of course, Mr. Harper is to blame for this.


penlan said...

This is terrible. Can this be reported to the police? The RCMP? It's threatening violence & isn't this illegal? It's so graphic in this area that it's frightening.

bigcitylib said...

Apparently, it has been reported.

penlan said...

Phew! Glad to hear it. To see the way Harper is fueling these people with his rhetoric is sickening.

RuralSandi said...

Brings back memories of this type of stuff against the Liberals during the last election.

What? Does Harper have a private goon squad or something?

Geekwad said...

RuralSandi, please don't refer to the Young Tories that way.

sassy said...

No matter how heated and passionate the debate, there is no excuse for the vandalism which has taken place, much less even one suggestion of violence.

The tone set by this government in the last few years is poisoning Canada.

How very tragic.

penlan said...

Here is a quote from Del Mastro from his rally on Tues. (I think) from teh Pterborough Examiner:

"The Conservative party is now Canada's only party!" Del Mastro said, to rousing cheers.

penlan said...

From Kady's liveblog:

"9:26:31 AM
And apparently, the GG is meeting with the opposition leaders this afternoon.


penlan said...

Holy Crap! Baird on t.v. talking with newman says:

"We're going over the heads off the opposition AND the GG."


Anonymous said...

And the Cons are calling the opposition "undemocratic," ha!

Niles said...


1) really? paying mercenary thugs your beer money to beat up people you don't like is the traditional Canadian way? I-did-not-know-that. For who? Quebec outlaw biker gangs? Nope, even they commence a beatin' on their own dime. Of course they *do* live in the separatist province so maybe they don't believe in capitalism the same way they do out West.

2) Uhn...going over the head of the GG? Baird said that? To who? About what? To The Queen? About the Charter/Constitution? of this country? Or is this his weird way of demanding an election? And doesn't that statement defacto concede that she isn't going to prorogue or call an election without going to the coalition first? Baird is admitting constitutional defeat and is now going extra-constitutional? I didn't know prorogue meant "pro-rogue" for the Conservatives.

Ti-Guy said...

You can imagine these people are inundating liberals/lefties/progressives with hate mail and death threats.

I'm amazed the that Kennedy cretin gets away with it. The police have already talked to him before.

The Progressive Indian said...

I read a few left leaning blogs from time to time, looking for some moderate, thoughtful posters from the "other side". Thought this might be worth checking out.

A word of advice for some here, loosen up the tinfoil hats a tad, you're starting to sound like rabble posters..

Jerome Bastien said...

This is despicable and Im glad it has been reported to the police.

But blaming Harper for this is idiotic. These people are adults and are responsible for their actions.

There is absolutely nothing that you could have done to justify this level of insanity. But treating westerners and conservatives and christians with the disdain and contempt that you have shown towards them is bound to bring out the crazies. Dont get me wrong though, they're the crazies.

The talk of coalition has made alot of people even crazier than usual. As much as its not a good idea to attack someone with nothing to lose (Harper cutting Liberal public subsidy), it is not a good idea to tell westerners their vote will be ignored. When regular joes are really pissed, imagine the crazy guy with the gun rack on his pickup.

This is reminiscent of the situation in California where gays are attacking mormons for voting against prop 8.

In any event I wish you well and I hope these f*ckers end up in jail.

Ti-Guy said...

And that crap comes from a lawyer as well. Not a very good one, obviously.

Since he's now a published author (Die Nazionale Post featured one of his right wing diatribes a while ago), I believe Jerome Bastien (jermo sapiens) should be blogging under his real name.

Jerome Bastien said...

wow i was not trying to piss you guys off but i guess reality bytes is bitter that the little coalition is falling to pieces.

i guess pointing out any fact that doesnt exactly fit within your utopian world view is not welcome.

anyways, "lying sack of shit" is crass is vulgar, but at least it's understandable english, which is already an improvement over what your dear leader can pull off.

here's just a few examples. there's plenty more, if you care to use the google.



and here.

Ti-Guy: have you issued your apology to Mark Steyn as well?

Full props to BCL for manning up on that front.

Ti-Guy said...

wow i was not trying to piss you guys off

No, I didn't think you were trying either. You piss people off naturally and effortlessly, I imagine.

And excellent work attempting to move the topic away from the criminal threats issued by people closely associated with Conservatives.

The topic about Steyn is one down. Seriously, do you have ADD or something?

Stop being so cunty, Jerome.

Jerome Bastien said...

Seriously ti-guy, my post is mostly about support for BCL against these retards.

I have absolutely no reservations condemning these idiots in the strongest possible terms.

BTW: I just checked out the Steyn thread - I see you didnt apologize for falsely claiming he was a fraud who made stuff up. I thought you would understand that digging in your heels when you've been clearly shown to be wrong doesnt help your credibility.

Ti-Guy said...

I see you didnt apologize for falsely claiming he was a fraud who made stuff up.

Seriously, don't you have better things to do? Isn't there an ambulance that needs chasing or something?

When your mother apologises for failing to abort you, I'll apologise for whatever heresy has got all you Steyn worshippers so worked up.

Unknown said...

I never knew a political sign could be "firebombed". And absent any evidence, there is no proof this incident is related in any manner to recent political events.

Things are agitated enough already without intentionally stirring things up more.

Ti-Guy said...

Things are agitated enough already without intentionally stirring things up more.

Little late for calling for calm, don't you think?

If you think things are stirred up now, just wait.

Unknown said...

"Little late for calling for calm, don't you think?" - Ti

Better late then never. Cooler heads should have prevailed much earlier. That applies to Harper for provoking this mess and the Liberals for massively overreacting.

"If you think things are stirred up now, just wait." - Ti

The only thing I am waiting for is the collapse of the coalition. I predict this will happen before Xmas.

Ti-Guy said...

Have ever said anything that mattered, Paulie?

Unknown said...

Seriously Ti, you're asking the wrong person, if you get my drift.

Ti-Guy said...

No, I don't get your drift.