Friday, December 05, 2008

In This Case, Half A Loaf Is Not Better Than None

This prospect [a Jan.-Feb Election call] has led some Liberals to look for ways to install a new leader – possibly an interim head such as former cabinet ministers John McCallum or Ralph Goodale – as soon as possible so the party does not wind up fighting another election under Dion.

So an interim leader arrives in late December, vowing that he will be replaced by someone more permanent in May, and an election is called in March. Any campaign promises he makes will be perceived to be meaningless, because they will be meaningless.

Settle it, people! Settle it!


Steve V said...

An interim leader doesn't have the moral authority to be a credible alternative to Harper. If anyone thinks Goodale or McCallum will draw voters to the Liberal cause, knowing they are just minding the store, anything they posit temporary, then they haven't thought it through.

Go all the way, or don't bother. Dion stepping down, for an interim leader now, is a lateral move, that accomplishes nothing.

What do you think of this idea of a riding by riding vote of party members to be held prior to the January return?

bigcitylib said...

"What do you think of this idea of a riding by riding vote of party members to be held prior to the January return?"

Why not?

Steve V said...

"Why not?"

I keep trying to find the downside of this solution, and I can't.
If fulfills the grassroots aspect for legitimacy, it's completely fair and it's a swift way to finally get some clarity, which is imperative.

wilson said...

Maybe this Dec 5/08 poll will help:

48% have confidence in Stephen Harper as Prime Minister in the current economic climate compared to 14% for Michael Ignatieff in second place, 11% for NDP leader Jack Layton, 8% for Stephane Dion, 4% for Bob Rae, and 3% for Gilles Duceppe;

Christian Conservative said...

Humm... One Member, One Vote... now where have I heard that one before... ;-)

Adam Hinton said...

It's so funny that even after Dion has done what people wanted him to do (go on some bold, meaningful offensive) that he is being blamed for the problem. I think that the coalition needs to work on a counter-budget and assume transition before the new leadership is chosen. I would have it the other way around myself, but the timing will favor legitimacy in the coalition over who's driving the boat.

Mark Richard Francis said...

Freaking settle it! use any democratic method, at least remotely allowed by the Party constitution, to permanently elect a leader.

We've heard all of the speeches already.

Get it done.

Can't we just prorogue the process or something? ;)

RuralSandi said...

The Liberals lost because of Dion and because they went to far to the left.

Think about it.

True Liberals are centre/centre-left. And, the party has been extremely successful in this position over the years - why do you think Harper robbed that spot?