Saturday, December 13, 2008

Iggy Makes Good

...or at least makes for good polling results:

OTTAWA–Newly appointed Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is in a virtual tie with Prime Minister Stephen Harper as the person Canadians think would be the best to lead the country, a new poll exclusive to the Star reveals.

Frankly, I've never put much money on the leadership numbers. Lets cut straight to the chase:

The survey also shows the Liberals rise to 31 per cent in voting intentions – an increase of nine percentage points since earlier this month, and the Conservatives drop five percentage points to 37 per cent in the same period.

Hmm. About where it always is. But at least the Tories are out of Majority territory. The post-Coalition upward blip was just that. An adrenalin fuelled "rally round the flag" effect. Hopefully, this new result will keep Harper and Co. from getting too uppity in their Jan. budget.

Here is the most interesting result, however:

The NDP was the choice of 15 per cent of respondents – down three percentage points...

Looks like all that coalition talk really turned their supporters off.

So, not a bad start. Mind you, here's an IPSOS poll to keep you humble.


RuralSandi said...

Another poll says that 65% of Canadians are against the coalition.

2/3's....that's a lot.

susansmith said...

Results of the poll, conducted exclusively for Canwest News Service and Global National

Exclusively, Canwest hated the coalition idea, so I would like to see the exact polling questions, cause the bias in how questions are asked gives the pollster the answer they are pushing.

As said elsewhere, the family pact class hates the coalition as it puts democracy in the hands of the people rather than in the hands of backroom dealers, moneyed elite, and the power brokers.

Ti-Guy said...

The opinion of anyone who doesn't know what "coalition" means should be excluded from polls.

And I'm serious about that. I don't think the opinion of people who don't know what they're talking about should matter.

Steve V said...


The two polls are completely different. You can't ask coalition questions, then ask party preference, and not expect those results to mirror opinion on the coalition, the two questions are inseperable when presented in this fashion. I wanted to see a pure poll, like this one provided, because it gives a better read of where the leaders actually stand, minus the albatross of the coalition concept.

RuralSandi said...

Well, here we go again....waiting for NANOS.

You know a name means a lot in marketing....perhaps instead of coup or coalition "Majority Parliament Group" or something. Has a more democratic ring to it.

meddy said...

"minus the albatross of the coalition concept."

which probably reminds them of Bush

wilson said...

After Dion was 'elected' Lib leader,
Libs got a bump in the polls

Dec 2006
Libs 38
Cons 32

Dec 2008
Cons 37
Libs 31

RuralSandi said...

Did Wilson say something? Couldn't hear because I try to block out partisan BS.

Wilson is running numbers all over the blogosphere again today - yawn.

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.
Winston Churchill

Ti-Guy said...

After Dion was 'elected' Lib leader,
Libs got a bump in the polls

Oh hush up, you doddering old crock.

bigcitylib said...

Wilson has a point:

"After Dion was 'elected' Lib leader, Libs got a bump in the polls."

If anything this new poll shows how entirely pointless a full-fledged leadership campaign would have been. Same bump, except at a cost of how many millions?

Steve V said...

wilson=garbage can :)

Why do we bother?