Saturday, February 07, 2009

Another Status Quo Poll

The popularity gap between the government and the official opposition has narrowed once again, with 37 per cent of decided voters supporting Stephen Harper's Conservatives and 31 per cent behind Michael Ignatieff's Liberals, according to the results of the latest Ipsos Reid poll.

Yeah, narrowed to exactly where it was before it started to expand around Xmas. Be more glorious, Iggy! Be...More...Glorious!!


iamiggyhearmeroar said...

We live to serve you.

Steve V said...


There was no polling prior to the all the drama in Ottawa, but we did have an election in October and the gap was 12%. Not exactly back to where it was, about half in fact :)

Steve V said...

One good way to access whether a particular Ipsos poll is bad news for the Conservatives, is to see how long it takes to appear in the NP. Nothing yet :)