Friday, February 13, 2009

Reading Jay Hill

Tory Whip Jay Hill has always kept a tight hand his weekly column, to the point where almost nothing appears in it that is not 100% government line. So, presumably, the following is now part of the government line:

With the exception of the NDP, the opposition parties are cooperating with our Government to get the budget passed...

Given this, Mr. Hill's assessment is clearly false, so I wonder what is the point of singling out the NDP while giving the Bloc a pass? Another random Quebec friendly shift?


Karen said...

It is a bit strange. They've been going with that line all week.

Did the NDP put something forward to extend the debate? I know that Hill took away the Bloc's day (with their consent) in an effort to speed up the debate.

Mark Richard Francis said...

By not contrasting against the Bloc, the Cons hope to not accentuate the differences between them. Look to them to not respond to Bloc criticisms. When policy and credibility lacks, be silent.