Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Janke On Iggy And The Ukraine--My Anecdotal Mama Says He's Bullshitting

I've been told, anecdotally, that Borys Wrzesnewskyj's banishment to the backbenches is a big deal in the Ukrainian community, much more so that it would normally be because of Michael Ignatieff's family background (which he can't help) and his statements that seem to provide comfort to Russian neo-imperialists (which are entirely his fault).

My dear anecdotal mama's maiden name was Polowick, which apparently means "Great Bird", and her anecdotal mama's maiden name was "Hootzel" which apparently means "Great Owl" (Ukrainians maybe have a thing with birds??), and mama's been on the phone to some anecdotal friends in Northern Saskatchewan (Theodore, Sask.) and they don't know what Janke's talking about. So, since my anecdotals are at least as good as Janke's, we can consider this story officially refuted.

...which means the National Post will surely run with it.


Gayle said...

Yeah - MY anecdotal evidence comes from being Ukrainian, and living in one of the Ukrainian'est cities in the country, and today, during our secret Ukrainian anti-Iggy meeting, no one said a thing about this.


Ti-Guy said...

I've been told anecdotally that Janke's uncle perished in Aushchwitz. He fell out of a guard tower.


Mike said...

Ti-Guy wins the thread.