Thursday, February 05, 2009

Prominent Tory Calls For Tory Heads To Roll Over Casey Smear

An excerpt:

I was Tory as a University Campus Club member, as supporter and member and worker and then Member of Parliament and after losing (to the usual Liberal tactics of making the electorate fear the Tories more than them and so vote for the lesser of two evils, the Grits) a Riding President, Regional Chairman and a Subject Chairman at an Ontario Federal Policy Conference.

At no time during the 40 odd years between 1960 and 1993 was there any occurrence to my knowledge or recollection that in any way, shape or form was of a nature such as the actions taken against Bill Casey - actions out of ______, you provide a rationale for I can not think of one that makes any sense from a political point of view.

There may be those receiving this who do consider the actions taken as not being unworthy of Tories and are not disturbed by the headlines.

There may be those who do not believe, as I do, it is incumbent upon the decision makers in the Conservative Party of Canada to determine who those responsible for the Black Ops without purpose were and eject them from your Party. These may well take exception to this post being sent.

We all make choices. To do otherwise than act against the 'Black Operatives' who perpetrated these misdeeds, not only going to he RCMP but blacking out and circulating their report, is to sanction their actions as being acceptable to Tories.

Joe Hueglin
Member 29th Parliament
Niagara Falls Riding.

Here's Joe's bio from wiki.


Scott Tribe said...

He posted this, and on Free Dominion?


Ti-Guy said...

I couldn't care less if a Tory starts complaining about this. As we've discovered, the Conservative Party of Canada is shameless. That's the only novel thing about them. I'll feel otherwise when an actual head rolls.


the usual Liberal tactics of making the electorate fear the Tories more than them... odd. It doesn't take a sophisticated Liberal strategy to get people to believe these Conservatives are scary. All you have to do is pay attention to what the rank-and-file is saying.

Robert McClelland said...

All you have to do is pay attention to what the rank-and-file is saying.

To conservatives that's just a part of the liberal plot against them. Look at how outraged they get when Media Matters does nothing more than point to what they say.

Ti-Guy said...

It's deeply psychological. They know they're ignorant/mean but they think it's even meaner to point that out.

If they'd just stop talking, the rest of us would find it easier to be nicer to them.

Reality Bites said...

He's not a Tory as the word is now used. He was a member of the Progressive Conservative party, and later the Progressive Canadian party. For him to criticise the Conservative Party and offer them advise means as much to them as it would coming from any of us here - absolutely nothing. He's an avowed political enemy.

(This of course doesn't mean that he's not right. He is. They just couldn't care less what he says