Saturday, February 21, 2009

Randy Hillier: Tory Youth Too Damn Liberal

Message from Randy Hillier MPP Lanark, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington

Constitutional Amendments: Fundamentals of Equality in Democracy
Are we a Party of Principles or Principals?

Recently, I’ve been asked why I have proposed amendments to the PC Party constitution: I would like to share with you some of my thoughts and reasons for these reforms.

Amendment 13 (disbanding the Ontario Youth Association) is part of a larger package of constitutional amendments that will reinvigorate the party membership, policy advisors, donors, and volunteers. Other amendments of this package include creating non-delegated (open to all members) conventions, and one member, one-vote Party elections.

As one can see there is a strong theme that connects these three reforms. That theme is the long held Canadian principles of:
• equality of opportunity without privilege,
• universal suffrage,
• unity through common/mutual objectives
These principles enshrine democracy’s supremacy within government and individual participation.

Politicians and governments have gradually trended away from these fundamental and timeless Canadian principles towards socialist schemes of:
• equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity,
• privileges of office over freedom & merit,
• identity politics,
• unity though division-rather than unity of purpose
These faulty policies are found throughout government: in our Human Rights Commissions and tribunals, language laws, affirmative action policies, afro-centric schools and many others.

Clearly, Party divisions based on age, gender or ethnicity is contrary to our heritage and culture, and detrimental. Can we ever challenge injustice within society if we embrace injustice within our Party? The answer is No- not without being hypocritical.

Political parties are successful when they embrace and encourage individuals to join, and party membership is the most accurate barometer of future electoral success. The PC Party has inadvertently built obstacles that limit an individual’s value and purpose to join and participate. These proposed reforms will tear down these socialist barriers.

Too damn Liberal and too many supported John Tory, according to the FD consensus.


Skinny Dipper said...

Those damn pinko Taliban and mooslim sympathizing young Tories who are obviously strong supporters of the CAW and other leftie unions can join more conservative parties such as the Greens, NDP, and Liberals.

Real Tories love guns.
Real Tories love hunting.
Real Tories love ripping apart moose-limbs (No relationship to mooslims. This ain't no cartoon.)
Real Tories love McMoose Big Macs.

Partisan Hobo said...

How on earth is Hillier going to reconcile his crusade against identity politics with the party's crusade to target immigrant voters? Thanks for the heads up.