Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Toronto Coyotes

I've actually seen one, about six or seven years ago, like a scrawny gray dog travelling parallel to the rail-tracks that cross Don Mills South of Ellesmere. All I've read indicates they are pretty much impossible to exterminate when you've got 'em. They're like roaches; if you've see one, that means there's more around (as today's TO Star story points out). They lair around warehouses and industrial buildings where there isn't a lot of human traffic, and come out to eat from dumpsters and other sources of human garbage. Sarnia has been having problems recently, and the West End has had coyote issues for over a decade now, with the occasional tabby becoming lunch.

This piece suggests that urban coyote populations may be underestimated by a factor of 10.


RuralSandi said...

I live in rural Ontario (East). We've been having trouble with coyotes, wolves and fox in our town most of the winter. They've attacked and killed dogs and cats and early in the morning you can see them running down the streets.

One night we heard a horrible screech - a wolf got one of our neighbours cat - it was awful.

Wolves have been hanging around our trains station near the lake trying to get deer as well.

Saskboy said...

Must'a been a road runner that lured a coyote into our front bumper causing $1100 damage the other month. Fortunately with a package policy in SK, wildlife accidents have the deductible waived.