Monday, February 09, 2009

Because Quebec Needs A Leader That Biker Chicks Think Is Hot

The adéquistes for Maxim Bernier as boss of the ADQ

The ADQ needs a boss with the experience. We need someone with a record to win elections. Former VP of the Economical Institute of Montreal, Maxim possesses the baggage intéllectuel that it is necessary to remake Quebec a place or economical prosperity returns to normalcy the ours. This is well with this experience that it is well equipped to defend the real values of the ADQ against its opponents.

In winning his second mandate as representative of Beauce with a majority crushing of 62%, it demontre a capacity impréssionante that the ideas basically adéquistes are well received. It is just necessary the boss for the goods to represent:

MAXIM BERNIER As next boss of l'ADQ...Comme next Prime Minister of the Quebec

The contact given is And Mark Buzan is presumably this guy. No idea how serious this might be, but I would assume not very.



Ti-Guy said...

Well, Bernier certainly does have the baggage intellectual. I picture his temporal lobes hanging at each side of his brain like frayed saddlebags.

Mark Buzan said...
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Mark Buzan said...

I happened to stumble across this post. I am indeed the one who initiated the campaign to recruit Maxime Bernier for the ADQ. As you are a Liberal, I don't expect you to be supportive nor understand. In fact, anytime conservatives see criticisms like this we know we're on the right track.

What I would ask is that check your translations to reflect the true sense of what is communicated (as opposed to using online translations such as Babblefish which are notoriously known for being inexact). For the record "baggage intellectuel" in french is more of an expression that would be more closely translated towards "intellectual capacity", hence leading to Ti-Guy's incredibly ignorant comment.

Needless to say, when liberals criticize potential leadership candidates in conservative parties, it's a clear indication of one of two things:

1. Complete ignorance of the facts and in this instance any understanding of Quebec.
2. Fear that Conservatives may just be on to something.