Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kenney Cuts Funds To Arab Group For Noting His Professionalism!

Read outrageous story here!


Ti-Guy said...

Kenney said the theme emerging from the meeting is the new and growing anti-Semitism around the world in the form of anti-Zionism.


Actually, calling Kenney a whore implies he's way more complex and fascinating than the little virgin actually is.

Jay said...

"growing anti-Semitism around the world in the form of anti-Zionism"

This is getting absurd. Firstly the Israel state as originally imagined by Theodor Herzl was a socialist state. Now we have a far right Israeli state that is equating anti-semiticism with anti-zionism. Can someone please tell me how the two are related?

They have their state so whats this all about. What do they actually want? Could it be a state free of Arabs? Is that not exactly what Germany wanted under Hitler with regard to the Jews?

Zionism is nothing more than Fascism. Pretending its not is a great slap in the face to everyone who died fighting the Nazi's and to those who actually though "never again" meant something in the long term.

Now I see the connection between Conservatives and the State of Israel. The conservatives must be green with envy at the prospect of a government being able to get rid of a disliked portion of the population.

The trouble I see is that Israel will do what it wants and our government has accepted the invitation to be a part of the horror that will result.

Ti-Guy said...

Zionism means all kind of things. If anti-Zionism is opposed because it's synonymous with colonialism, then Kenney, in equating it with antisemitism is expressing and encouraging antisemitism himself.

Raging Ranter said...

Why these groups get funding in the first place is perhaps the more relevant question. Which means, of course, that it never gets asked anymore.

The old Jason Kenney would have been quick to ask that question. The new Jason Kenney hands out goodies to the various clamouring ethnic associations.

Ti-Guy said...

Read the link:

"The federation received a $447,297 contribution from Kenney's department to operate a settlement program in Toronto for two years, teaching new immigrants language and job searching skills."

Kind of like the money Ontarians have forked over for decades to insure Manitoba primitives enjoy a basic level of human civilisation.

Mitka said...

Hold on a moment, the CAF and the Islamic Congress are not exactly choir boys (forgive the improper faith reference). The CAF President Khaled Mouammar has gone out of his way to support pro Hamas and Hizbollah entities even lobbying to have them decertified as terrorists. Just do a google search and see what comes up. For example, the CAF's connection to "outing" Arlene Perly-Rae because she was an Officer of the Canadian Jewish CVongress just sucks and is anti-Semitic to boot.

So take off your blinkers fellow bloggers, while I find myself in usual agreement with BCL and the others on this you are all way off base.

bigcitylib said...


I am actually not sure I disagree with Kenney's action, I was just going for the cheap gag.

That said, if CAF meets the regs for recieving this kind of funding, and nobody has ever stuck it to other groups for the same reason (heated language), why is CAF being singled out? Is this a ministerial end-run around the rules for funding, in other words?

CAF, like the CIC, could use a change in its leadership. The thing with Bob Rae was ridiculous. No question about that.

信次 said...
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