Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sun Staffers Lose Their Perks

From the Sun Family blog:

Sun Media employees who took advantage of free home delivery have been told that little bonus has been axed.

Instead, employees will be given free access to the e-edition of their newspaper.

From the comments:

At my unnamed Sun, when we asked for complimentary home delivery for newsroom staffers, we were told there are plenty of free copies in the newsroom. Back to rowing your slave ship and don't worry about reading!

Meanwhile, Paul Wells insists that the far right ideology behind CanWest's newspapers has nothing to do with their precipitous decline. As evidence, he cites the sorry state of a bunch of American publications, which seems of dubious relevance. Sure times are tough all over, but in Canada the further Right your newspaper, the further down the toilet its likely to have slid.

You listening, Kenneth Whyte?

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