Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Western Separatists Support Mark Dyrholm For Wildrose Alliance Leadership

Finally, some movement out of the Western Business and Taxpayers Association (WBTA), "whose six point plan" includes

1) Create separatist network that will strengthen the businesses of separatists and help them prosper so they can in turn donate to groups like the Separation Party of Alberta and / or any other party that may come along in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia


6)Provide training in Campaign Management, Candidate Development, Fundraising, Media Training and more for those that want to organize for elected office or to promote the separation agenda across Western Canada or in their provinces specifically.

Here's an email from Executive Director David Crutcher:

Dear Friends of Alberta,

I just received this information from Wildrose Leadership Candidate, Mark Dyrholm.

I am supporting Mark and I encourage you to go to his website at and join up so you can vote in this one member, one vote mail in ballot vote.

David Crutcher

Executive Director
Western Business and Taxpayers Association (WBTA)
Phone: 403-456-3549

Good Luck Mr. Dyrholm!

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buckets said...

Hmm. Crutcher's statement "I am supporting Mark" can only mean that he's a member of the Wildrose Alliance Party. The organization of which he's a director, however, aims to channel money to the Separatist Party of Alberta. A bit of an incogruity there.