Sunday, November 19, 2006

Global Warming Splits Evangelicals

An article (but not a particularly good one) on the split within the Evangelical community over Global Warming, with a new group, the ECI (Evangelical Climate Initiative) coming out in favor of the science behind GW, and in favor of taking action to reverse its effects. Another, better article, which I have linked to before, can be found here.

Clearly, this split signals an opportunity for the progressive community and the parties associated with it to reach across the usual political boundaries and appeal to non-standard constituencies. In the Canadian context (but the analogy is not perfect) you can see this with Lib Leadership candidates courting the environment friendly but socially conservative supporters of David Orchard, with Stephane Dion finally coming up with the endorsement.

Busy day. This might be it for posts. Will see what happens with the Tory Teen Lesbo Sex Manual tomorrow.


P. North said...

Hey look, I finally found a picture of SB's mugshot

BlastFurnace said...

Peculiar it is, that this issue divides yet again two guys who normally sing out of the same songbook; and both from Virginia, no less -- Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. The first issue was the death penalty, and now the environment, and who would have thought wacky Robertson would actually see the light on both?

The more otherwise nominally social conservatives see "dominion" as a Biblical mandate for conservation and not exploitation and joins up with liberals and progressives in the fight to stop creating our own man-made Apocalype, that can only be seen as good. If this is an issue that also tears the religious right apart, so much the better.

They divided and conquered the left during the 1980s and now it's our turn.