Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Political Potpourri: Canadians Reject Quebec Nationhood and Iggy, and Star supports Rae

By huge numbers, Canadians reject the notion of Quebec nationhood, with only French-speaking Quebecers supporting the notion:

Canadians from every region outside Quebec, non-francophone Quebecers (62 per cent), Liberal party supporters (72 per cent), francophone Canadians outside Quebec (77 per cent) all resoundingly rejected the idea.

The same Leger Marketing poll showed that Bob Rae, at 17%, was the candidate Canadians would choose to lead the federal Liberals, with everyone else stuck at about 10%, which means that Ken Dryden is a popular as Iggy on the national stage.


The poll also suggested support has remained relatively steady for the national parties, with the Conservatives at 34 per cent and the Liberals at 32 per cent.

And The Star endorsed today, choosing Bob Rae for Lib Leader, because:

He offers the best prospect of renewing the party, moving it boldly forward in a socially progressive direction and giving Canadians the government they deserve.

They went pretty easy on Iggy, however, merely referring to him as having a "steep learning curve", and being a "gamble".


Anonymous said...

It's going to be so fun watching you shit your pants when Iggy wins.

bigcitylib said...

Maybe I'll live blog it.