Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Are Ezra's Acolytes Threatening CHRC Employee?

Ezra's facing another lawsuit by CHRC lawyer Giacomo Vigna, and his fans are striking back. Here's one example:

just left Vigna a strongly worded message of disapproval (but NOT a threatening message) on his office voicemail. Others may wish to join me in pushing Vigna's fragile mental state further over the edge by leaving him a message at his office number in Ottawa at...

Here's another:

I can vouch for that 613 ph number.

now how would I know that?

I addressed him first as 'mr bilingual' and from then on as 'mr serene'. then told him to back off, that he was pushing his luck and that I was tired of the vendetta he has engaged in against Ezra.then I gave him MY ph # and invited him to return the call.

"Pushing his luck", eh? I wonder what is supposed to happen if he pushes it too far.

And, by the way, Ez, the precise term is "process server", not "private detective", as in:

Affidavit of Gaby Saliba, Process Server on behalf of the appellants sworn on 01-DEC-2006 confirming service of Notice of Appeal on the respondent...

You are such a diva.

And you should call off your fans. In fact, given your own problems with threats lately, I think you would be more clued in to what is and is not appropriate behavior.


Johnathon said...
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sillydion said...

In the name of all mighty Allah (praise be upon him) BCL, please bring back ti-guy. This is just another Liberal dead blog without His Profaneness. I mean, what is mutt without jeff, Abbott without Costello, itchy without scratchy, the organ grinder without his monkey? Bring him back. We demand our entertainment or we go straight to Cherniak!

bigcitylib said...

Its late July. All the blogs are getting a bit sleepy. As for TG, has it occured to you that he may have a real life? It certainly never occured to me.

Jermo Sapiens said...

It certainly never occured to me.


I thought you guys were having a fight and that all the comments "removed by a blog administrator" were his. I guess it's probably Jonathon going bezerk again.

I agree though, BCL's posts, although I disagree with most of them, come nowhere near the level of "entertainment" Ti-Guy brings.

Paul S said...

Back to Ezra again? *Sigh*

But, on topic, the CHRC, or at least certain elements of it, look even more foolish then Ezra. Who would have thought that possible?

Ti-Guy said...

I'm out of the country, so you rightard trollies will have to content yourselves with copying and pasting your grunting points unchallenged.

sillydion said...

"I'm out of the country,"

I'm intrigued, what country agreed to take you?

noonespecial200 said...

You may have already covered this (still reading through the last few entries that I missed while away), but perhaps you'll get a kick out of this.

sexy said...