Sunday, July 27, 2008

KLRvu Joins Blogging Tory Forums

A minor thing, but the email is definitely Allan Bruinooge. Hopefully, he will use the forums to discuss KLRvu's polling methodology and upcoming projects.

Odd that a polling company would so closely identify with a specific political party.

Background here.

Update: A tidbbit from these forums, dated the 24th

Tonight a representative from CLC. (I think it was Mary Ellen Douglas, National Organizer, but I could have remembered incorrectly) called into the John Counsell radio show at 580 CFRA Ottawa. She was unaware of the controversy on the blogesphere and said she was going to check into the charges that this company does not officially exist. She said she knew it was a small polling company and not well know, they kinda used them because they were well.......inexpensive. She sounded veeery upset.

Allan has yet to post on this or any other issue.


buckets said...

The Campaign Life spokesperson was introduced as "Wanda", you can hear the interview at my place.

Auntie Liberal said...

Isn't there some sort of improper business connection between the Manitoba government under Premier Gary Doer and his wife's company? Progressives sure like to keep that taxpayer money in the family.