Saturday, July 26, 2008

Zytaruk Doesn't Trust Tories

Tom Zytaruk's lawyer Barry Gibson on the the latest twist in the Cadman scandal:

We've seen nothing to say the court is actually going to supervise the analysis or protect the tape. There's no guarantee they won't just turn it over to the Conservatives.

Follow the links for background. Although the terms of the hand-over as outlined by Canadian Press seem stringent enough.

Nice that the local media have become a bit more skeptical re the Tory "experts" that originally examined the tape and concluded that it was "doctored":

In June the Conservative Party of Canada revealed it retained two forensic audio specialists to analyze the tape.

And in an affidavit filed in court in June, one of the specialists concluded that a tape provided by Zytaruk to the Conservatives had been altered.

And their skepticism is well-founded. So far Harper and co. are batting one for three, expert wise. One for four, maybe, since the most likely story behind this story is that, as in the case of Bruce Koenig, the Tories hired an audio forensics expert to analyse the tape, he gave them an answer they didn't like, so they dropped him and shopped around until they found someone who would give them an answer they did like.

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