Sunday, July 20, 2008

Galactus Objects!

As you may know, I don't do online polls or petitions. However, my buddy Galactus has gone ahead and signed the "Rescind Order of Canada From Morgentaler" petition. In fact, he has signed it on a number of occasions, because while you can only submit one vote per email address, you can pretty much make up any email address you want and submit one vote per each. Unfortunately for Galactus, someone seems to be erasing his signatures as they are made, which makes Galactus angry, because for example these guys were allowed to vote on multiple occasions:
In fact, the petition is, as these things tend to be, a FREEPER's paradise. So why the hassle for my buddy Big G? Galactus is now seriously thinking he might conjure a million Orders Of Canada from the plasmic energy between dimensions and rain them down on Ottawa as a sign of his displeasure. And does anyone really want that?


Steve Bloom said...

Apparently Big G. is under consideration for Dem veep! Obviously it's no coincidence that Obama's selection of a stadium venue for the key part of the convention solves what would otherwise be a tricky headroom problem. I predict that McSame will find it practically impossible to rig the election after being reduced to his constituent atoms and consumed.

Auntie Liberal said...

Do you see yourself as a "graphic novel" hero? Or is using a fictional comic book character the best you can do to defend the convenience murders of 3 million babies?

crf said...

People having abortions probably don't believe that they are murdering people, and most Canadians also do not believe it to be murder.

What is and isn't murder is something society decides upon, informed by past and current laws. At the moment, society says abortion isn't murder.

crf said...

I also wonder what Rex Morgan, MD would think about this issue. I know he doesn't like FAS: