Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Ezra Can't Read

As readers will know, Guy Earle is the Toronto-based comedian who has been charged with the legal offence of making un-funny jokes in Vancouver. The charges of un-funniness -- which the B.C. Human Rights Code calls 'discriminatory publication' -- came after Earle's rough response to some drunk, rude hecklers in a Vancouver night club last year. The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal ruled that there was enough substance to the charges that Earle must stand trial.

No, no, no. Discriminatory publication is section 7 of the B.C. Human Rights Code, the section Steyn was charged under. Earle is being charged under section 8, which covers "Discrimination in accommodation, service and facility". That's the section you might use to lay a charge against an agent of a restaurant/club for treating certain customers of said restaurant/club like crap based on their sexual orientation. It doesn't have much to do with free speech at all.

Honestly, Ezra links to the case documents, but apparently doesn't read them. Apparently doesn't expect his readers to either.

And it also looks like he's down to raising cash by flogging women's underwear from barenecessities. Whatever it takes to pay the legal bills, I suppose.


Dr.Dawg said...

Well, it gets worse. The comedian isn't being complained about for "unfunny jokes" at all, but for a torrent of invective that he delivered on-stage that had nothing to do with his act.

If Ezra ever bumped into a fact, he'd flee in sheer terror.

Mike said...

Yeah, Ezra is just ignoring the facts because it doesn't fit with his self-aggrandizing narrative.

Typical of conservatives and authoritarians, ignore inconvenient facts and pretend the don't exist and "invent their own reality".

What a friggin' idiot.

Anonymous said...

It boggles my mind. Levant seems to get away with such nonsense. His other post in which he claims Bernie Farber of the CJC has converted to Islam is devious and a complete sham. Here too he references an article in the Toronto Star to claim that Farber has become a Dhimmini because he claims that Muslims face discrimination. The man has lost it. Why does anyone take him seriously?

Anonymous said...

The complainant spit at the comic as well, and later on he broke her sunglasses. That may be a case for the civil or criminal courts.

BTW, if it was delivered on-stage, it's part of the act! The show is advertised as "the edgiest show in town."

From my reading the complainant wasn't even there for the comedy show, but was intoxicated and came in to disrupt the show. If the owner is liable for anything, it's letting them in in a state of intoxication, in violation of BC liquor laws.

bigcitylib said...


No, complainant was brought inside by staff when the patio closed.

Ti-Guy said...

Escapegoat: What does that have to do with Ezra's mischaracterisations of reality? Doesn't that concern you?

Focus, wingnuts, focus! It's a complicated world out there.

Unknown said...

Back to Ezra again? *snore*

Ti-Guy said...

Paul S., if I have to come there...