Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Think We Know What The Problem Is

Quite the "Fizzikz" debate in the comments. Those with a real background in the sciences may want to take a Maalox before reading.

And, suddenly, this poll makes a whole lot more sense.

(Incidentally: the correct answer is the one in the middle)


Karen said...

O/T, I just saw your question to me re' the Liberal bad joke at RT's.

It's my understanding that it came from this newsletter (pdf) that they put out in the Spring.

Johnathon said...

I have no problem with abortion at one or two months of pregnancy.

But after 4 or 5 months, abortion should not be allowed.

WHy does it seem that this question is never asked in a poll?

1. Should abortion be allowed after 5 months of pregancy?

I think you know why the question isn't asked.

Because you know what the answer would be.

Abortion at 1 month is not the same as abortion at 4 or 5 months.

Unless you're a sick liberal.

Mike said...

"But after 4 or 5 months, abortion should not be allowed."

We've had no abortion law for 20 years and essentially "free" to the consumer health care where the procedure is covered and in Canada, no abortion occurs after 20 weeks "because the mother changed her mind".

Never. When a woman reaches 20 weeks, they always carry to term unless her life is in danger or the fetus is so malformed it will not survive. Even Morgantaler won't perform them after 24 weeks.

So we don't need a law to outlaw something that isn't happening.

The status quo is already the position you support Jonathon. Women are moral without the need for laws.

How ironic is that?

Johnathon said...

How the hell do you know that abortion isn't happening after 20 weeks.

Mograntaler will do abortions after 20 weeks, he said that most of partial birth abortions are done for "teenage mothers who are hiding their pregnancy".

And not just that but look at the bill your heroes have brought to the table.

Two other bills were introduced by Liberals.

Bill C-338, would criminalize any abortion performed after 20 weeks. Woe betide doctors who miscount the days since their patient's last period. One week wrong and it's five years in the slammer.

For now anyway, this bill is languishing somewhere at the bottom of the parliamentary pile.

As for Bill C-543, introduced in May by Liberal Brent St. Denis, it attempts to do what C-484 doesn't: protect pregnant women. It proposes to toughen up the Criminal Code so that attacks on them would result in harsher sentences.

Why would the libranos bring in a bill to criminalize abortion after 20 weeks if its not happening?

WHen you don't even know what your heroes are doing, surely one has to take your comment with a grain of salt.

Ti-Guy said...

Too bad you had to put in that Morgentaler poll in and get Fred "Baby Daddy...Denied!" Bracken (aka Johnathon) all juiced up.

These problems with science are, to a large extent, language/communication problems. I don't get the impression people are being taught the operational definitions of terms like "revolution."

It's likely the result of spending too much time watching teevee, playing video games and nattering at the Hannah Montana chatroom, where Johnathon posts as "RiotGrrl_54."