Saturday, July 19, 2008

No They're Not Dinosaurs

Even if the "official news sources" are calling them that. Quetzalcoatlus was a Pterosaur, and the biggest one at that. Among the more interesting facts about these animals was that the whole beast only weighed a couple of hundred pounds. The bones were hollow, and thin as paper. There is still some debate as to the lifestyle they pursued; Darren Naish has recently proposed that they (or at least similar species) were
...stork- or ground hornbill-like generalists, foraging in diverse environments for small animals and carrion.
See here for details.

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Raphael Alexander said...

Interesting stuff. I like books that show the animal is comparison to modern objects or people. I got a book for my son that has the complete illustrated list of dinosaurs, their length and height and picture comparisons. The Sauropods are the most fascinating.