Friday, July 25, 2008

Protecting Canadians

...from some rather sinister-looking produce. Behind PM Stephen Harper are two members of the CSIS fruit squad.
From the CPoC website. Looks like our boys are trying to get beyond using their site to slag Dion 24/7. The result is a bit schizophrenic, with macho posturing over an Estro issue (food labelling). I kind of miss Oily the talking oil patch.
PS. What kind of food label goes on an apple? I would have thought that apples contain 100%, well, apple.


RuralSandi said...

All well and good about food labelling but what about food inspection?

I would think that is more important.

Harper using this protecting us stuff - ah, that's what Bush said and used.

Auntie Liberal said...

What pesticides, fungicides, herbicides were applied to the apple and when? Is it a genetically modified apple? (shudder) Was child labour used to pick said apple? Were illegal immigrants used to pick the apples, and were they paid appropriate wages and union benefits? Were the apples treated with dignity and respect so that their self esteem wasn't damaged? Was the apple picked in a cruelty-free manner, so that the sentient tree-being wasn't harmed? Did the tree receive grief counselling after having all of it's fruit torn from it's limbs against it's will?

Lizt. said...

Yes I heard of what the government is going to do with food inspection.
They will cut out a great many inspectors..just like Harris in Ontario did. Also cutting money for inspecting for BSE.!!!

Scott Tribe said...

Coincidentally, (or not) we just got a flyer in the mail today from our local Conservative MP (in a very traditional Conservative riding) with a cute little baby and his mother on the flyer talking about the new product safety actions the Conserative government has taken with a "Who is on the right track on product safety?" question. In a separate Ontario Conservative riding however (which I will be blogging ore about later) a flyer was sent to me (from a person who lives there) on behalf of the local Conservative MP attacking the Green Shift as a "tax on everything", and askinh "who is on the right track over taxes?" question.

It was however, apparently sent from Rob Anders office.. so this was another one of those "shifting advertising money from 1 ridings Conservative MP to help out in another Conservative MP's riding")

So, it seems to be a concerted campaign, depending where one lives, using the same template but with different messages.

Doubting Thomas said...

I agree with rurulsandi on the importance of food inspection.

However, to dismiss the labelling as a bush-esque move is stupid.

to earn the "made in canada" badge, means it really has to be "made in canada". think of the apple juice you pr your kids could be drinking. great, stuff "made in canada" right? not so. most likely the apple concentrate used to make the juice is from china (apple concentrate is the single biggest agri-food import from china). they get pressed here or get mixed with real canadian juice and earn the "made in canada" label. not so, under new guidelines.

man, that harper, trying to emulate bush/hitler again.

Doubting Thomas said...

I'm sure there are some closet-NDP on this site...this labelling stuff should appeal to them.

Think of the misuse of the "made in canada" label. a farmer producing legitimate "made in canada" apple juice stands no chance competing against his corporate rival who imports chinese concentrate (and gets to use the "made in canada" label).

in the manufacturing sector, something "made in canada", but really they just attach the last widget to something built almost entirely by the viet-cong. damn, those could have been canadian jobs, but who cares it says "made in canada".

i'm moving before harper comes down on me and my family.

Auntie Liberal said...

You hit the nail on the head. This is gonna really hurt Martin, Strong, and all the rest of the gang who have spent decades cultivating business interests in China. This is just not fair!

Doubting Thomas said...

please don't latch on to my logical argument with your nonsensical drivel.