Saturday, July 05, 2008

Big Blue Baby

For some reason, Suzanne is one of my faves from the other side of the fence. Congratulations Suzanne


Reality Bites said...

SUZANNE is also busy spreading the rumour that Dr. Henry Morgentaler has terminal cancer and has two weeks to live.

Disgusting, lying, bigoted woman. I pity the child and pray the poor thing isn't gay - being aborted would be a kindness compared to the abuse that vicious hateful cunt would heap on a gay child while calling it "love."

bigcitylib said...

That was her? Oh my!

Ti-Guy said...

You do know what a "blue baby" is, I hope.

bigcitylib said...

"You do know what a "blue baby" is, I hope."


Anonymous said...

Who gives a fuck about a liar of the magnitude of big blue?
BigCityLib you have just gone way down in my appreciation of your blog - she's a a fucking loon.

Funny how one who oppose to a medical operation (abortion) was so fast to get a c-section - aren't these anti-choice women haters all about not interfering with a pregnancy?

I'm with reality bites on this one - Suzanne should be ridiculed and abused for the monster that she is.