Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gerwing On Gruending On Gerwing

Yesterday's post on the family (nephew and sister) of Alphonse Gerwing returning his Order of Canada, to protest the awarding of the medal to Dr. Henry Morgentaler, drew an eloquent comment from Ralph Gerwing, another member of the Gerwing clan, which I thought I would reproduce here:

To your readers, Dennis [Gruending]:

I would like to be on page with you , in support of the following.”

We did agree that it is essential to support women and families in every way possible – including the provision of adequate child care, housing, increased minimum wages and improved maternity and paternity leaves. ”

As to the paradox of speaking for the dead. I can only speculate that Al’s thoughts would be of engaging the moral and ethical ideas of members of the Order of Canada in his work in Brazil.

Al Gerwing would not diminish the contributions of Dr. Morgentaler: but only debate their effectiveness as social construction tools in Canadian’s helpful work in Haiti and Brazil.

Motives, Convictions and expressed thoughts, are part of inclusiveness in a democratic society. In this we all can be thankful. rtg.

Ralph T. Gerwing Vancouver Metro

To read about the work that earned Alphonse Gerwing his medal in the first place, visit the website of the Alphonse Gerwing Foundation.

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