Monday, July 14, 2008

C-61, Elections, And Quebec

Michael Geist has a post on Guelph NDP candidate Tom King's attempt to make Bill-61 a by-election issue:

Under Bill C-61, if you purchase a new computer and move the songs from your ipod to the new computer, the Conservatives believe that is a criminal offence,” said King. “This type of American approach to copyright law does not benefit Canadian consumers, or Canadian artists.

Interesting enough, though I have no idea if it will work or not. But even more interesting were these remarks in the comment section:

Two of the three by-elections are in Quebec. From what I've heard, opinion on C-61 is generally favourable. Quebecers have a unique, but fragile, culture and see the need to protect it. I've yet to see a single editorial from a French-language publication against the bill. If the NDP really wants to make this an election issue, I guess that means they see little chance of making any inroads in Quebec.

...which drew this response from Quebec resident Promateus:

For having discussed c-61 with my friends and familly, i can say that people are as receptive here as they are in TROC to arguments to the effect that criminalizing wide range of regular activities, with random and exemplary enforcement being the counterpart, is a shit principle for a copyright reform. In fact, if you check quebec\'s many distinctive take on issue and regulatory arrangements on many other issues, one finds that there seems to be an even bigger distastes here for crimilazing and policing petty crimes and various small social disturbances.


I am absolutely baffled that the Bloc do not see politicdal opportunism there, as their main opponent is not NDP but Conservatives (who managed to peirce so many of their stronghold such as Quebec City\'s region)which leaves this axis almost inarticuled in quebec politics. There are many advantages of \"occupying\" sqarely an axis of debate, and then to try to bring it to the front in good old agenda setting tactics. But bloc seems either slow to see this as an opportunity, unable to articulate them, or ignorant of the issues.

Can this be made the sleeper issue in the next Federal election?


jaybird said...

BCL: I hope this is a sleeper issue in the next election since the LPC has done nothing to stop the Harper cons but also the LPC were looking at very similar legislation when they were government.

The NDP with Layton, Angus and Nash have the track record of fighting for copyright protections that balance needs of artists, consumers and industry. Last time the LPC was talking copyright, Sam Bulte was the point person on the file and attending industry lobbyist fundraisers for her campaign. A campaign she lost in part because she was so willing to cow tow to industry wants over consumers.

Bring it on!



Lore_Weaver said...

Geist is denigrating Conservatives, like myself, who are fighting this from inside the party.

Not a good way forward. I was hoping he would shape up and provide useful criticism.

bigcitylib said...


I thought the Conservative plan in this case was to introduce the bill so late and so far down the order paper that it would likely never pass. A gesture to the parts of the business community that want it, but no harm dome.

Christian Conservative said...

There's a serious problem with King's argument... he's got it backwards!