Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ban Bandwidth Shaping

In several posts, I've chronicled my attempts to find out how, and even if, Rogers High Speed Internet was engaged in the practice of "bandwidth shaping" or "bandwidth throttling". In brief, I was given answers all over the map, from "no we don't do it" to "yes we do it to help stop child porn", literally depending on who answered the phone at the time. Well, the right answer turns out to be that in fact they have been mucking with my (and everyone's) upload/download capacity for years, and the CRTC is not happy about it:

In the coming days the federal communications regulator will issue a landmark ruling that has huge implications for Canadians' access to the Internet. The CRTC decision will determine whether Bell, Rogers and other big telecoms can continue to "throttle" Internet service.

Saveournet wants you to take action by going here. Not a bad idea. There's a petition you can sign.

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Reality Bites said...

We don't know that the CRTC isn't happy about it. The ruling will be because of complaints filed, not on the CRTC's initiative.