Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Harry Abrams Strikes Back! More Notes On The Moon Report

In the late 1990s, Harry Abrams launched a human rights complaints against well-known B.C. journalist Doug Collins over columns written by Mr. Collins for Vancouver's North Shore News, in which Mr. Collins, among other things,

...questioned the Holocaust and denounced "Schindler's List" as propaganda.

Earlier this week I was able to contact Mr. Abrams, and he commented as follows on The Moon Report (I have made a few minor stylistic edits to the following):

...if Dr. Moon's recommendations were taken at face value, that would make it open season on the re-publishing of the Protocols of [the Elders of] Zion and more which doesn't specifically call for violence, but has nevertheless been widely recognized as a warrant for genocide.

Similarly, the Nazi era newspaper
Der Sturmer, the most infamous newspaper in history did not specifically call for violence, but contained grotesquely hateful material, ALL OF WHICH would according to Dr. Moon be untouchable if his suggestions were to be accepted at face value, because were merely offensive ..


"..the paper had been filled with charges that Jews were about nefarious deeds everywhere in Germany, posing an immediate threat to each reader..."

Dr. Moon's suggestions also make it fair game for wide distribution of The Turner Diaries and The Hunter, Pierce's novels of violent race war that [influenced white supremacist] Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber. I doubt these books specifically said, after you've read this book, go out and kill black people!" But that's what Pierce intended them for. And that's how they were used.

These books deserve to be studied, and understood, like Hitler's Mein Kampf and other classics of hate literature, but the distribution should be controlled in some way, or at least they should be labelled as classics of hate literature.


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