Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bob Rae's First Sleazy Political Manouver Scores Big!

Well, it is looking increasingly as if Bob Rae agreed to the format being employed in today's leadership debate and then broke the terms of that agreement to score cheap political points. Those cheap political points being: Iggy isn't ready to face the cameras, and he's just like Stephen Harper!

Well scored, Bob! All that civility stuff was just chin music anyway, right? Meanwhile, James Curran will be at the debate to let us know if hair gets pulled or specs broken.

Gawd this is exciting!


Ti-Guy said...

You make democracy come alive.

The Pontificator said...

Pretty twisted logic that Rae agreed to closed door. You should use your impeccable connections to LPCO to check the chronology of "discussions".

You might also want to re:link to ITQ.

Anonymous said...

You have officially replaced Warren Kinsella as my go-to-guy for Liberal goings on. Bravo!